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Friday, October 28, 2011

Confused Girls

Ok so I get on Facebook alot and I see that alot of girls don't know how to love. They throw their heart away just because some sorry nigga hurt them emotionally. Alot of girls complain about being single and how they will never find "the one". Some are in a new relationship every other day! I think if you start loving yourself first, that's when you can be ready for a relationship. Alot of girls get into a relationship just to be doing something. If you are going to be in a relationship you need to be serious about it and not cheating on your spouse. A relationship is meant for TWO people: YOU and your SPOUSE. It's not meant for you,your spouse,the dude around the corner,the dude that go to your school, and the dude you met on the internet. Some girls date someone for like two days and claim they "in love". Nuh uh, the only boy you need to be loven is Jesus because you dont even know what love mean hun. Anywho, thats my personal view on confused girls! :)


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