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Friday, October 28, 2011

A Letter to Myself: Typical Day (october 19)

Dear Me,
In 8th period and all i hear is noise. i don't even know what it is, its just noise. (insert personal business her). Oowee.! Lmao, this girl is walking on the side of her snow boots.! haha Time to GET SOME NEW BOOTS. I see Ms. Smith (the teacher that completely hates me)every friggin day of the week.wish i could change my HOUSE (a class where we socialize). i get so sick of her mouth.. today i walk over to my friend (insert name here) deskto use (gender) boook and she waited like 6 whole minutes (stared at me the entire time)to tell me " Sit down (insert name here) dont wantchu in (gender) face... (dramatic pause) i should've curse her out with her sufficating neck having ahh . UGH i be so glad to leave her class.!..haha =D (insert name here)is so slow she is sittin here talking to herselflike "hmm. (insert name here) is really quiet""hmm.she didnt say nun back""well ..(sings) they be tryna copy and paste mee"..LMAO.! I wonder what goes through her head.? I LOVE MITTENS.!!!

p.s. talk to you on the way home snicker snicker (insider)

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