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Friday, October 28, 2011

A Letter To Myself : Hungry and ready to go.!(Oct. 24)

Dear Me,
U G H . ! lmao.! xD I love my life. Ms. Smithe __________ ________ _____ self tryna get me in trouble cuzz of (insert name here) IDK why she think she no what i do every minute of my my BEAUTIFULL life. that _____ UGH.! (insert two names) just be talking ,i dont even know what they're talking about ,,something about a stupid ,ugly baby...thats alittle harsh! AHHHHHHHHHHHHHH..Stulicia lmbo.!tf...OH MAN i just thought about it ..I DONT HAVE MY PHONE. Jeez man.Tyler the Creator's eyes are so gorgeousto be so evil . OOwee.! I cant wait til i move to Toronto,Cairo. It's so amazing. @LiCKmYaLLstarS @ICookyMonster @AmberColesPurityRing.. i want some pizza so bhadd or a subway footlong ooohh meatball marinara w/ extra mozzarella on wheat... omigosh if this ___ crush mhy head one more time..and she talking to herself..i just noticedi wrote alot.oowee and i think im going to be Tink for haloween. ima get an angel costume dye it greenand spray it with glitteron the tew tew and the top with some dr martensIon feel like riding that _______ _____ ______ ___ bus awl dem unknown pervertish people and im claustrophobicso i be (almost) passing outeveryday.SUBWAY IS CALLING MY NAME OR IS THAT MILNO"S


p.s. dang im finna be bored

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