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Friday, October 28, 2011

A Letter To Myself: Suckish Day (Oct 28)

Dear Me, could've went betterit's like everything went the opposite way as i planned it out in my head.Dang. we have these badges with our beginnin 6th grade pictures...SMH.. im so madi look like im 6 and it widened my faceand (insert name here) ,i think, is madd at me for some odd reason.! UGH and (insert name here) always flirting with me when i text him right now is not the timeOOwee dhenn.( insert name here) made me kinda mad because (gender) kept pushing mhe and i told (gender) to stopand (gender) was being so loud..oh man..idk what im gunna do next year..all of my friends are leaving and going to new skewls" i juss call her boo;think her name is shundra, what i really know about a girl girl that drives a honda."that aqas my song last year...oowee they know these skool sjirts are too big..they gave the boys smalls and the girls largeshaha robert is sklpw he said he wasnt fhinna spennd no money on no *** shuirt lmao he pokec me and said oops...nolan sounds so depressedsmhim glad my mommy gave me sum money before i left this morning cuzz im hungry..(insert name here) is on my mind again..i still wondwr if its true that if you or your parner think about each other the other parner isd think bthe same thingand about the sME THING.LMAO Robert is trying to speak spanish lmao well i guess this is too ling

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